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MadRock Bouldering Gym Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to MadRock Bouldering Gym, for all climbers using this gym for the first time. It is necessary to get an introduction to the gym. Please read it carefully and ask any questions you may have.

Shop area

・All climbers must take off their climbing shoes and wash their hands before entering the shop area.

・The shop area sells climbing related products such as climbing gear, shoes and chalk. Feel free to look around.

・Returning box for ranted shoes are inside the shop area.


・Lockers are located at the entrance and are used to store shoes and other valuables, please make sure to keep your keys safe while climbing.

Changing room 

・The men's changing room is on the left and the women's changing room is on the right.

・Storage box for clothing and personal belongings are available inside the changing rooms, but for your valuables, please use the locker outside.


・Women's toilet is located inside the women's changing room.

・Men's toilet is located outside the men's changing room. It is located in the left corner of the gym.


Resting Area

・Eating and drinking are allowed only in the resting area.

・Drinks are being sold in the fridge in the resting area, please put the correct number of coins in the coin box next to it. Feel free to ask our staff in the shop for change if you need it.

Bouldering Rules

・On the climbing wall. you can see many rocks, they are called "holds" and the bigger ones are called "volumes".

 ・Grey color volumes can be used in any problems. However, Volumes that are not grey can only be used if the color of the hold matches the volumes.

・All holds in a bouldering problem have the same color. However, climbers are free to use the wall as they wish. 

・Bouldering problems are graded according to their difficulty and are marked with different colored tape at the start and the finish. Different colored tapes correspond to different grades.

White colored tape is the easiest and black colored tape is the hardest. There are grade charts around the gym for reference. Also, the higher the number, the harder the problem.

・Normally a bouldering problem starts with a start hold, the start hold of a bouldering problem is marked with two tapes, both perpendicular to each other. Please start with both hands touching or holding the same start hold for the start position.

・There are boulder problems that start with two separate holds, each marked with a tape. In this case, you must hold or touch the two holds to start.

・The goal of each bouldering problem is marked with two tapes, with an inverted V sign, the climber has to match both hands on the hold for about 3 seconds to complete the problem.


Spray wall

The Tower sharp wall in the midden is call the spray wall, all the holds of the problem on the spray wall are marked with colored tapes. Of cause, you can also use it freely as you like. Sometimes, there is also spray problems on the other walls designed by our staff.


・The Satellite APP allows you to find even more spray problems.


iPhone     android


Safeties Rule

・It is prohibited to climb while others are climbing. Only one person is allowed to climb one face of the wall at a time. Two or more people climbing the same section of the wall at the same time are not allowed.

・In the climbing area, It is prohibited to stand, sit or climb underneath others while they are climbing .Please avoid moving near the walls within the climbing area. As it will cause serious injuries to both sides.

・Please do not run, sit or lie down in the climbing area. Eating and drinking are also not allowed in the climbing area.

・Areas where two sides of the wall are close to each other. Only one side of the wall may be climbed at a time.

・After completing a problem, it is recommended to climb down from the wall. Only jump down if necessary.

・It is prohibited to jump from the highest point of the wall.

・Look down before you jump from a boulder problem. Someone could be below you.

・It is prohibited to use holes on the wall, it can cause serious injurie to your fingers. 


If there are any questions regarding our rules and guidelines, please feel free to ask our staff member. Thank you.

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